Secretagogue One

Specially formulated to enhance the body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone and IGF-1, Secretagogue-One promises to improve your health and increase your physical performance.

Human Growth Factors and IGF-1 are produced by the body to assure healthy cell production and cell survival. The amino acids in Secretagogue-One are included to enhance the body’s natural release of HGH and IGF-1.

We know a lot about HGH, but what is IGF-1? IGF-1 stands for Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1. IGF-1 is important for childhood growth, and it can have an anabolic-effect on adults. IGF-1 carries out the actions of HGH and stimulates muscle building.

Secretagogue-One appears to be aimed primarily at bodybuilders or athletes in training as it advertises to improve cardiac output, decrease recovery time, and improve your physical performance. Blog link.

Does the Secretagogue-One formula have what it takes to improve your HGH levels?

The Good

Secretagogue-One does use a number of amino acids in its formula, which is what we like to see in the best HGH supplements. Amino acids that are important for HGH secretion that are also found in Secretagogue-One include:

Though these amino acids are part of a proprietary blend, that blend is 5000 mg, so your chances are better for getting the correct dosage for each individual ingredient.

Quality ingredients like amino acids will encourage your body to naturally release HGH, which is the best and safest way to increase your HGH levels. HGH-releasers will provide the best benefits without dangerous and expensive injections.

If you’re looking into HGH supplementation to increase your training results, you’ll be happy to know that Secretagogue-One includes potassium in its formula, which can help relieve muscle soreness.

Another advantage for Secretagogue-One is the large number of positive customer reviews. For many people, the ingredient list means nothing if it doesn’t produce results for real people.

Users report faster recovery time, reduced body fat, increased energy, muscle building, and reduced soreness.

We also like that Secretagogue-One is a powder dissolved in water—this allows for quicker absorption. Only one user complained that the taste was too sweet.

The Bad

For those who don’t enjoy drinking their supplements, Secretagogue-One may not be the best supplement. If you’re picky about taste, you might want to try a supplement comes in pill form.

Secretagogue-One isn’t cheap. It can be found online for $74.99. Granted, that’s a pretty typical price for a quality HGH supplement.

Overall Value

Secretagogue-One is a fairly solid HGH supplement. It contains amino acids, which we consider to be the best way to increase your HGH levels. Amino acids encourage your body’s natural processes, which is the safest and most effective method of increasing your HGH levels.

The positive customer reviews also say a lot about Secretagogue-One. Users report improved sleep, better workouts results, and increased energy, all results we’d hope to see from an HGH supplement.

Secretagogue-One doesn’t have an incredibly low price, but it is pretty average for the best HGH supplements.

The target audience for Secretagogue-One appears to be those who are training or bodybuilding. Users don’t report increased sex drive, which is a benefit of the best HGH supplements.

If you’re unsure about Secretagogue-One, you might want to check out the best HGH supplements.

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