What Is Inside Of Drift RC Cars?

With a drift RC car, you simply don’t just have a normal car. You have a very different vehicle from the known RC cars. A drift car has so many other parts that make it unique and special.

For drifting, you basically need a perfect balance between a grip and a slip. As we know well, RC cars for this purpose have to drift through corners while the person navigating the car has to have complete control of the car. The following are some of the parts that are inside a RC drifting car that make it unique compared to other cars. Navigate here.

Circuit Board

The circuit board contains the IC chip. In addition, it has the amplifiers and the radio receiver. It is responsible for some of these basic electrical gadgets as well as the transmission of power.

The circuit board has many capacitors, diodes, and resistors. Together with the IC, it controls the motor.

In addition, the radio receiver consists of a crystal that oscillates at a specific frequency. The inductors as well as the antennae are located on the circuit board of a drift car.

In case of an electric motor, they receive the power from the batteries. The IC is responsible for the regulation of this power.

Anti-roll bars

A drift RC car is fitted with an anti-roll bar due to the nature of the drifting. This is a wire that is fitted to the cars. It is responsible for the limitation or prevention of the car’s body from rolling anyhow. It maintains stability from side to side whenever you are in corners.


A piston plays a very important part in the internal mechanism of a shock absorber. The piston is normally fixed on the shock shaft. It is basically a thin plastic disk that has a number of holes drilled on it.

The change of pistons for one or another bigger one causes a dramatic effect on the perfomances of a shock absorber.


The inside of a RC drift RC car also has gears that are connected to the wheels. These gears are responsible for the movement and the changing of the directions when this drift car is on the move. The motor is connected to the wheels by the gears and is responsible for those quick turns and movements.


Many of the drift cars are fitted with a differential. The main aim of the differential is to allow for the wheels to move slightly different speeds. This is so helpful when a car is drifting at sharp corners.

When a car is drifting, the outside wheel travels further compared to the inside one. Therefore, it needs to turn slightly faster in order to keep up.

Battery Pack

The inside of a drift car also has battery pack. This is where batteries are plugged in. it is the source of the power that is responsible for the running of a drift car. In order to be safer, you need to have at least 2 or 3 pairs of batteries. They will come in handy because a single pair barely lasts for 15 minutes.


The motor is very essential for the running of a drift car. It is the one responsible for the movement. There are two types of motors. You can either have the electric motor or the nitro motor.

In addition, there are drift RC cars that have two motors. One motor is responsible for the movement of the front wheels, while the other pair turns the rear wheels to move in the forward and backwards direction.

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