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Visionary, Metaphysical Art

  Deb~Aurah Araznu

Each of the following pieces of visionary, metaphysical art, represent stages on our paths to ascension and /or enlightenment. These paintings started coming through to in December 2007, and have steadily continued bringing focus to the path ahead. The visionary, metaphysical art seems to emit energetic vibrations and different messages for those that view them. Enjoy the energy from these
healing images.

                                      metaphysical, art through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu| New Beginnings.
                                      The Rainbow Path.
The Rainbow Bridge
© June 7th 2008

This painting depicts a pilgrim on his travels to the "New Earth", a place of love, joy, peace and harmony. He is assisted by the Angels who are guiding him along the rainbow path. This image has been featured by Celia Fenn of starchild global.

                                      metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. Awakening.
© January 16th 2008

These channeled paintings started to come through to me in December 2007. At the time his painting represented to me, the awakening of spirituality and Lightworkers around the world.

In 2010, a new understanding:

In the bottom left of this image there is a representation of the galactic centre sending the energies to assist us upon our ascension paths. The colours that can be seen are those of the three fold flame, pink, blue and gold.
The pink energy with the wings and open eyes show the awakening of the Divine feminine.

The staff that is holding the orb now represents to me, the energies of Archangel Metatron. He is the associated with the top sphere of the tree of life and the angels that serve as heavenly counselors. There are also musical notes across the top left of the painting which brings in the music from these higher celestial spheres.

                                      Metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. Power of the Blue Ray.
© June 22nd 2008

In May of 2008 I had been feeling a new energy around me. After a few day I decided to paint what I felt and saw. This being later introduced himself to me on a meditative journey as "Brother." I discovered this was another name that Archangel Sandalphon used to introduce himself.

                                      Metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. In The Hands Of Angels.
© February 5th 2008

The image for this painting kept coming to mind over the span of a week, with the phrase "The Earth is in the hands of the Angels". I had also written and recorded a song called "Find it in your Heart" and decided to combine both elements in a video to strengthen the message.

Meaning for my path:  Planetary Healer. 

                                      Metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. Orb Essence.
© March 23rd 2008

There has been much speculation as to the origins of orbs, many saying
that they are just specs of dust caught by digital cameras. I feel there is much
more to them as they carry the very essence of who we are, and have been
through many lifetimes. This image is what came to me whilst thinking
about orbs and what they may contain.
It shows many different cultures and times of Earth History and beyond.

                                      metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. Home, Earth Angel.
       HOME                           ©March 26th 2008                      
This painting represents an Earth Angel, one of the many celestial beings  that are amongst us at this time of change. They are here to assist us to heal Mother Earth and to rise the vibrations of love on the planet.

Her roots go deep into the Earth anchoring to our Mothers centre. Reaching up to the Creator, feeling the unconditional love flow down through to mix with the Mother energy, then beaming love and light around the world to show the way for others
to find their path.     


                                      Metaphysical Art through Deb
                                      ~Aurah Araznu. Reunion.
 © November 22nd 2008

This image tells of a time coming soon. We will be asked to pass through the gates, to enter the next stage of our journeys. Joining with the mass consciousness to activate an inter-dimensional portals. Within these portals we will be able to manifest our new world. Magenta Rays of divine feminine energies will flood forth to assist.

                                      metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. The Elementals.
© February 7th 2009

In channeling these images, I sense that we will be working with The Elementals, along with the Angels, on our next stages of our journey.

Sacred grids are opening, and with the assistance of The Elementals we can start to understand what is now being asked of us. We must now concentrate on cleaning and clearing Mother Earth's Energies.
A new crystal grid was planted in late 2008 and now is ready to be accessed, those of the Devic realm can assist you to attune your energies.
Those wishing to attune themselves with the Devic Realm can wear a chrysoprase gemstone for an extended period.

                                      metaphysical art through Deb~Aura
                                      Araznu. Ixchel, Lady Rainbow.

© February 10th 2009
 (Ixchel Lady Rainbow)

Ixchel sends a message from the painting, "balance"
storm ....calm

                                      metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. We Are One.

      "WE ARE ONE"
© March14th 2009

The time has come for us to create our reality. We are here at this point to actively manifest our futures. With love, joy, harmony and a collective mind we inherit the Earth. Each one of us, our essence an orb of energy.

As Mother Earth and the stars that surround us, we have the power.We can bring about peace.
Send out your dreams, and together we will create the new reality.

Connect with Mother by sending your roots to her
crystalline centre.
Reach out to the creator and feel the love-light flow through you. Anchor to these energies, and project the magenta manifesting ray  with your hearts desire.
WE ARE ONE..... Manifesting our world.

                                      metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. Galactic Activation.
 © May 30th 2009

This image came to me slowly over several weeks. At first I kept seeing the step pyramid. This was followed by the colours swirling and radiating around the glowing golden temple. The two statues and figures were the next to come through. Lastly the faces of all the Ascended Masters in the mist surrounding the pyramid. They are assisting the traveler upon their journey.

                                      metaphysical art through Deb~Aurah
                                      Araznu. The Crystal Grid.
© July 20th 2009

This beautiful scene was shown to me when I went on a meditative journey with my wonderful friend Sherry. The colours were truly amazing and the sound of the crystals
singing of joy and love was "Heavenly".

Starseeds, you are of the crystal grid. Feel the vibration within you and sing. Shine your lights brightly and illuminate what is left of the darkness. Connect yourself with the crystal core of Mother Earth and let the light of the Creator flow through you powering up the grid. Reach out to the mass consciousness and join with the Matrix.

Our time has come to flood the Earth with light. No matter what colour, size, shape that we have chosen we are here to assist the ascension of mankind.

With the coming solar eclipse much power will surge forth, be ready. This will be a time of unlimited manifesting, set your hearts desires into motion, dream as you have never before. Fill your heart with love, joy and peace and place within your desires.

                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. Freedom.

© September 1st 2009

This image shows the crystalline body bursting forth from its earthly cocoon. The wings are a symbol of taking flight into the next dimension. The Angelic human race raising to new levels of consciousness, seeking out those who have gone before. Joining with our multidimensional brothers and sisters in vibrating the codes of peace, love, joy and happiness.

                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. The Crystal

© September 13th 2009

Sensing a shift within me I had a vision of the new chakra system that is moving down into the enlightened  body. Wonderful energies had been brought to my attention. It started in my lower chakras a ball of fuchsia pink light was now radiating between them. Strong feelings of raw sexual power pulsated within....

                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. United.

© October 18th 2009


This image depicts all aspects of who I am "UNITED"  working together to raise the vibrations on this beautiful planet.

We work in unison painting images with tremendous energy to share with you.

This painting came to me after meditating with a new stone that had called to me at a local gem and mineral show. A small piece of Golden Herderite had sent shivers and goosebumps throughout my body. I also felt a vibrating or pulsating within my skull bringing with it a sensation of "light- headedness" (This seems to be the appropriate word as I felt immense light flooding my brain.)

                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. Zenith Guides.

© September 7th 2008

The energies in this painting show sacred geometry and colour therapy being sent into the etheric body and aura. These energies are healing and stimulating new areas and thought patterns, thus allowing immense growth in both spiritual and earthly planes.

                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. Revelation.


                      © November 11th 2009

I sense that this is something that is approaching us, coming through the 11:11:11 portal. The energy seemed to be coming towards me as I painted and not traveling to another place. This merkaba feels more solid than etheric compared to others that I have encountered. Today I have had amazing waves of love flowing over me, filling my whole being with excitement and anticipation and joy. The message "all will be revealed" is coming through to me loud and clear.

                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. The Sacred
                   © January 3rd 2010

As with most of my channeled paintings this started out with glimpses of what was going to be in the painting. I knew from what was being shown that it was to be some sort of mandala. It took me some time to realize that the intricate centre was to be a rose. When asking to clarify  what was being received for the pattern in the middle, I had received an overwhelming perfume of Damask roses.
The essence that was with me guiding as to what to paint was very, very feminine when I asked "who are you" I received Mother, sister, daughter, aunt, bearer of life from the womb of the goddess, Gaia, Shekina, Maat, Isis, The Divine feminine of many names.

Visionary, metaphysical
                                        artwork through Deb~Aurah
                                        Araznu. Mother.

© January 5th 2010

The Divine Feminine energies continue to flow though me, this image formulated and instantly I picked up a canvas and my paints to capture it. I was surprised at the speed that this painting came together, I could not put my brushes down as they flew across the canvas.

Mother goddess, Shekina, Gaia is featured, very pregnant with the new Earth. She emerges from the tree of life with a sense of determination to create.

Visionary, metaphysical
                                        artwork through Deb~Aurah
                                        Araznu. Stairway to

© February 3rd 2010

We climb the spiral staircase formed from the building blocks of life, DNA. This staircase is held together by the hands of wayshower communities from around the world. We are assisted by those who have gone before urging us forward and upward. They shine the golden light of the Christ Consciousness to guide the way to Ascension.
This painting also holds the energy of Archangel Metatron. He is described as having many eyes and wings and being a fiery Archangel.

Visionary, metaphysical
                                        artwork through Deb~Aurah
                                        Araznu. The Offering.

© February 26th 2010

For the past few weeks I have sensed a new energy with me, she is a beautiful Lemurian maiden. At first she was bound at the ankles by vines that gripped with tremendous strength. As I began to work with her the vines slowly began to withdraw and now she walks free. She holds a glorious golden "Imperial Topaz" crystal in offering for releasing her from her bindings.

                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. All Will Be
© July/Aug 2010

Inspiration for this image came as a series of visions. I saw many hands pulling back the fabric of time and space to reveal a place of great beauty. Within the fabric of time came 1's and 0's like binary code, as if they are showing the removal of a previous program.

As the painting evolved I noticed light coming from two distinct sources. I questioned what I was seeing and was told to just let the painting flow and not analyze it until finished. I saw so many colours that I could not seem to do them justice. Everything sparkled with golden and rainbow light. Within the tree trunks many faces, beings, elementals and animals appeared.

The one that kept reoccurring was a Unicorn! I grabbed my Animal Spirit Guides book off the shelf and looked up the meaning of Unicorn, yet nothing seemed to fit. So I decided to refer to the internet and up came the Biblical legend of the Unicorn and the garden of Eden. Eden was this what I was seeing? I got my chills and goosebumps which is a conformation for me. Wow, Eden.

                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. First Dance Twin

© Sept 23rd 2010

As the vibration increases
igniting within,

twin flame energies entwine.
flowing together towards the stars,
erupting in waves like fireworks shine.
male and female in balance and joy,
reunited after time untold apart.
together as one cosmic love unfolds,
unconditional love through the heart.

                                        metaphysical artwork through
                                        Deb~Aurah Araznu. Atlantis Has
© October 2010

Received channeled message on September 14th 2010 about the energies of Atlantis rising. While journeying I saw beautiful water crystal geometries much like snowflakes. I was washed in jade and aquamarine waves of energy. A etheric temple appeared showing a portal opening with connecting energies to all that is. The words "One more step for Mother" rang clear to me.

© March 8th 2011
                                          metaphysical artwork through
                                          Deb~Aurah Araznu. Utopia.

So many images flooded forth when I decided to focus on an etheric crystal pyramid that kept coming to me. This image has been coming in and out of focus for several years, sometimes it looked like a small retreat sanctuary, and other times a large settlement with which came with the words "The City of Light." After receiving an email from England containing information about a City of Light project, and reading of the City of Lights in a book by David K. Miller, I decided it was time to bring these images to being. It was a challenge to complete as each time I thought I had the intended image for each section they would shift and change. Huge energies of purification flooded through me as I recognized the images, the galactic center, the central sun, the moon, our sun with solar flares, the earth surrounded by the violet ray of transmutation, flood waters, storms, fire and volcanoes and snow covered landscapes.


                                      metaphysical artwork through
                                      Deb~Aurah Araznu. Timewarp.
     © 2011
This painting had a very distinct Mayan feel that came with the energies. Thoughts of time travel or "time warp" came to me as I gazed upon the finished image. The gold portal in the center of the image called to me as if wanting me to enter....
It was later in the day when I posted the painting to my Facebook page, that I received a message about one Jose
Arguelles. A connection had been felt between this image and the fact that he had passed on that very day. Jose was known for his work with the Mayan Prophecy. 

Visionary, metaphysical
                                        artwork through Deb~Aurah
                                        Araznu. Evoloution.
© March 2011
This painting also seemed to be connected with Jose's work on the Circumpolar rainbow bridge. I had not read of his work until the connection between these two paintings had been brought to my attention.
I see this image as showing our giving to Earth Mother, a connection, that we are anchoring the rainbow ray and assisting in her ascension. We are creating our new reality, evolving, by connecting to the rainbow ray that now surrounds Earth Mother. We are sending our desires and wishes for a peaceful, tranquil and beautiful planet, abundant with life safely within the 5th dimension and beyond.

Visionary, metaphysical
                                        artwork through Deb~Aurah
                                        Aranzu. One.
© April 25th 2011
As the transformation completes, we become one with our higher self.  The crystalline aspect within each and every one emerges: blended. Our 3D body now overlays the 5D crystalline matrix: united. Masculine and feminine balanced, as one we move forward upon our paths.
In iridescent robes and with energy array we ground the Creator energies.
Shining brightly, each one likened to a laser acupuncture needle, anchoring and transmuting all non healed energies with the violet ray, assisting Mother to shift and expand on her heavenly sojourn.

Visionary, metaphysical
                                        artwork through Deb~Aurah
                                        Araznu. Creator Goddess.


© October 2011

"Creator Goddess". Written in my journal before completion Oct 13th 2011:
Last evening, Oct 12th 2011, I experienced a joining of the final aspect of self. The painting that sits waiting to be completed is that said aspect, goddess, Mother, Shekina, a Divine spark of the feminine Creator energy at last in balance. I have completed my journey here on this Earth plane, or have I?.......

The energies of the the past couple of months have been intense, huge transformation and understandings have poured forth. A Golden energy has taken residence in the left side of my body. It is an unusual sensation as if being joined by a completely different
part of self yet still a piece of the whole. When meditating it is as if there are two orbs of energy, one opalescent white on my right and the other gold on my left. They seem to be joining, blending slowly together. The effects of all of this are blissful, joyous high energies flood my entire being


© Painting completed Nov 8th 2011

For weeks this image has been evolving. The first time it came to my conscious mind was during "working" with my wonderful friend Azorah, and our brothers and sisters of the light. The first time we saw the doors they appeared as those in the movie Monsters inc, many doors hanging on a raising conveyer belt. The message "open the Upper Doors came through loud and clear. So what did the message mean? When focusing on the message what was heard was "the doors to the higher dimensions."

Over the coming weeks the image began to come in more clearly, at first the doors were chained shut with a huge gold stop watch hanging from the golden chain. This stopwatch represented a limited time only for the use of these particular doors. The "time frame" seems to be connected with the opening of the 11:11:11 stargate/portal. When the lock was finally opened the doors began to open very slowly, only a crack at first but you could see and feel the glorious energy that lay beyond. The energy of pure golden unconditional love poured through the tiny gap. The joyous feelings of those waiting on the other side was almost overwhelming. As the doors opened just a little further brilliant orbs of pure energy began to burst forth, they danced and called to come forward and reveal thy name. It was later that It was remembered about a channeled poem in February 2011 with the words "as each reveal thy names. More
Visionary, metaphysical
                                        artwork through Deb~Aurah
                                        Araznu. Open The Upper Doors.

Visionary, metaphysical artwork
                                through Deb~Aurah Araznu. Divine Union.

Divine Union
© Completed Nov 23rd 2012

Depicting the Divine Union of the masculine and feminine counterparts
The coming together, as one, to walk hand in hand to serve the
higher vibrations and frequencies of source energy.
Assisted by the fiery phoenix energy, the rebirth of balance and harmony.

Blessings Deb~Aurah Araznu

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